GOT  HIST'RY  IF  YA  WANT  IT . . . !!  (circa ’94)



As Aerosmith's lead guitar/songwriter, he collected gold and platinum for "A Night In The Ruts", "Rock In A Hard Place", and their "Pandora's Box" collection.  (See "Aerosmith, The Fall & Rise Of..." by Mark Putterford, Omnibus Press '95). A legendary craftsman among guitar heroes, The Doctors' stripped down "power foursome" encouraged Jimmy's exploding pyrotechnics.



She’s co-written major hits like "Let It Rain", and "Comin' Home" with Eric Clapton, and "Superstar" with Leon Russell.  She’s earned additional platinum for her work in The Allman Brothers Band.  She’s the soul shouter on Johnny Rotten's P.I.L. release, and even during two seasons as the biker-babe/waitress on ABC's #1 hit series "Roseanne", Bonnie kept rockin’ through the '90s with The Doctors, until well covered substance abuse problems (People Magazine / The Star) and divorce ultimately ended the groups critically acclaimed run.



After touring for years with Nashville outlaw David Allan Coe, Danny's “astute” management guidance (US Magazine, Oct. ‘83) launched original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood, (for whom he currently produces two national radio shows "Absolutely80s" and "New Wave Nation"); he ignited Bonnie's career comeback in the '90s; and now he has even co-authored the biography of Carl's Jr. hamburger chain founder Carl Karcher! (Rolling Stone #794 9/3/98). A designer of amps and the Workingman's™ bass for the venerable SWR Sound, he's writing the ultimate "How to..." book for bass.  A songwriter for artists like Coe and David Crosby, his compositions for TV & soundtracks include ChiPs; F.A.M.E., Roseanne, and the 2Pac/Jim Belushi film “Gang Related”.  Danny is The Doctors' leader/producer. 


An original member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Dallas later founded Manasas with Stephen Stills. The Doctors’ aggressive pace kept him pounding harder than ever. His book “Prisoner Of Woodstock” (Thundermouth Books) is a wild read. 


MO' HIST'RY ... 

Already a legendary rock'n'roll singer, and co-author of mega-hits like “Superstar” (with Leon Russell), and “Never Ending Song Of Love” (Bonnie, Carl Radle, and Delaney Bramlett), Bonnie Bramlett/Sheridan completed two seasons as the sassy biker/waitress on ABC's #1 series, Roseanne, where Danny later appeared as the bass player "Hank".  Her first group, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, featured Eric Clapton on guitar, with whom she composed hits like "Let It Rain" and "Comin' Home".  The group performed their own "You Got To Believe" in Richard Sarafian’s cult classic Vanishing Point. 

Bonnie’s powerful vocals became well known for duets with Gregg Allman, on Delbert McClinton's "Giving It Up For Your Love", and with the Starship's Mickey Thomas. Her tenure with The Allman Brothers earned gold for the “Enlightened Rogues” LP.  ABB re-released her Dickey Betts co-written “Famous Last Words” on “Hell And High Water”.  She’s known for collaborations with artists as diverse as Clapton and Willie Nelson; most of The Beatles and the Stones; Earl Scruggs; Hank Williams Jr.; even former Sex Pistol, Johny Rotten.  She's collected Gold and Platinum records; CMA awards; and her compositions have achieved BMI's Million-Air status. In 1990 Bonnie teamed with Dr. John to sing the soundtrack for Paul Newman's Blaze (Touchstone). 

In the early 90s, the brand new Bandaloo Doctors opened Ringo Starr’s summer tours, then began writing sessions to prepare a debut studio album, "Let's Play ..!"  Doctor’s bassist Danny Sheridan produced it at Hollywood's Cherokee Studios, and Gregg Allman played organ. The sessions remain un-released, tied up in a protracted court battle. Previously, Danny had produced for Michael Nesmith's Pacific Arts and others, while his songs have been recorded by a variety of acts, including David Crosby, Danny’s Eli Radish Band (see the 2001 rock history book “Rock’N’Roll…” by Deanna Adams @ partner David Alan Coe, and Texas swing legend Lost John. Several appear in the NBC series CHiPs, performed by Oscar nominee Amy Madigan. He's written and produced songs for MGM's Fame; played, or composed music for episodes of Roseanne; WMMS-FM spots; shows for several KROQ DJ's; mixed simulcast audio for Nick Gilder, and early video tracks for The Red Hot Chili Peppers. He also co-composed and produced underscore for Orion’s 1998 2Pac Shakur/Jim Belushi film “Gang Related”. 

Bandaloo Doctors’ virtuoso electric guitarist Jimmy Crespo came from Aerosmith, where he co-wrote albums that include “Rock In A Hard Place”, and “A Night In The Ruts”, which included the Crespo/Tyler hit “Jailbait”. He’s also contributed his imposing guitar skill to projects with The Cruzados, Billy Squire, Stevie Nicks, and garnered raves on the 1996 tour with Rod Stewart.  Rod stopped his Wimbledon Stadium concert mid-way to praise Jimmy’s playing. 

Bandaloo Doctors’ “buzz” started with a few woodshed live performances at LA venues like The Coconut Teazer and The Troubadour. Their debut took place at a Farm Aid concert to an audience of 87.000, and they toured on and off for nearly five years, leaving "Let's Play..." and one live CD in the can, with bootlegs all over the Internet.

“Roseanne” show waitress / motorcycle-mama Bonnie Bramlett was scheduled to sing at an all celebrity concert, backed by a 14 piece "house" band of rock'n'roll's finest players.  "But I wanted to hear her with a stripped down, edgy group," said Doctors' bassist, then husband, Danny Sheridan, "a few power players, rockin' as hard as she does."  Just hours before the concert, he enlisted some friends, Aerosmith's blues guitar virtuoso Jimmy Crespo, and drummer Dallas Taylor to complete an impromptu foursome that hit the stage with no rehearsal, and did some "show stopping blues" (L.A. Times). 

 Magic happened.   

Radio legend Jim Ladd interrupted his broadcast from the venue to “illegally” open the mics to The Doctors performance … Later the brand new Bandaloo Doctors' 1st official performance was reviewed in the June '92 SPIN: 

FARM  AID  V,  Texas  Stadium,  Irving  Texas,  March  14 1992:  (Wired Magazine)

Like all star studded, day long charity concerts . . . Farm Aid V kicked off slowly, and

. . . progressively got slower . . . (then) something unexpected finally happened. Bandaloo Doctors immersed the crowd in blues-funk ten times as powerful as corn liquor.  Bonnie Sheridan sashayed out in black and launched into the Maxine Brown classic, "All In My Mind."  She worked the audience.  She wailed.  She hunched over and completely lost it - Janis Joplin style - like singers are supposed to do . . . 

Group members agreed that their combined chemistry ignited a very special creativity. They committed to spending June and July of ’92 in Hollywood’s SIR rehearsal studios composing new songs.  Ringo's All-Starrs were rehearsing down the hall, listening to The Doctors' writing sessions.  By the third day, with barely a handful of songs conceived, the group was "discovered".  Ringo popped his grinning face into their studio, and said, , "You guys are great!  How would you like to open up for our tour?"  With less than a week to prepare, the audacious Doctors accepted. 

"We take risks on stage, too," Danny said. "The communication is so great, we never do our songs the same way twice.  We work 'without a net,' pushing ourselves to the edge.  It's very exciting." 

In concert, the Doctors would surprise with some very raw blues, a Hendrix-style rave-up of James Brown's "Think", or a Stonesy acoustic tribute of songs from Bonnie's soundtrack work, or from another member's discography.  But most of their energetic "guitar, bass, and drums with a chick singer" show consisted of brand new originals, and the powerful, bare bones rhythm section afforded lots of room for Jimmy's blazing lead work, and Bonnie's awesome vocal gymnastics. 

Doctors’ fans eagerly await the courts decisions regarding the future of the group’s recorded material.



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