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Eddie Mitchell – Artist’s Statement
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Painting Technique:
Using acrylic or oil on canvas, I paint with a very detailed application of exuberant color, sometimes with a smooth application, other times with broken brushstrokes.


setstats“A Misty Spring Morning” 

 2003 Oil  38" x 30”

Style of Painting:
Use of elements from these various art movements:
· Renaissance – Use of Chiaroscuro’s strong sense of light
· Baroque – The deep sense of space
· Impressionism – Vibrant color & sense of immediacy
· Neoimpressionism – The Pointillist’s application of small
  dabs of paint
· Modern – Contemporary compositions & subject matter

Education & Career:

·        BFA – Cleveland Institute of Art

·        Full time studio for the past 21 years                                        

·        Part time college art teacher for past 11 years

·         Represented in galleries in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania

·        Commissioned for numerous and prestigious public locations.



What is most inspiring to me is a resplendent, sun-filled day.
I love the play of sunshine as it enlivens everything and creates strong patterns of
sunlight and shadows - vigorous contrasts of lights and darks.
There seems to be a universal and irresistible sense of optimism engendered by sunlight.

It is this optimism that I am attempting to convey in my paintings.
I am also intrigued by the mysterious and immense energy of color, which I endeavor
to use to enhance this play of light. These two elements: light and color,
I find endlessly fascinating, and wish to use them to create a dramatic
and cheerful world in which you, my viewer, may wish to revel in.

What a delight it is to show you the wonders and beauties of light and color!
What a tremendous experience it is to interpret this magic from nature!
And what a splendid privilege and pleasure it is to be an artist!

Thank you,
Eddie Mitchell

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