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Musician, songwriter, producer, actor and entertainment manager Danny Sheridan recorded and toured with some of the most influential rock and country/rock musicians of the ’60s through the ‘80s. David Allen Coe, Bonnie Bramlett, Amy Madigan, Nia Peebles and David Crosby have recorded his songs. His “astute” managing jump-started the career of MTV VJ Nina Blackwood and, in 2004, some of his memorabilia was added to the permanent collection of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

He was born in the southside of Chicago but moved to South America at the age of seven when his father, an aerospace metallurgist accepted a job to work at the Kaiser plant in Cordoba, Argentina. “Dad had eclectic tastes in music,” says Sheridan. “He’d play Bach chorals on the record player or maybe indigenous music like Los Indio Trabajores. My mom played violin and dad played tuba early on. In fact, he started the first marching band at University of Chicago. I loved listening to the acoustic guitar music that the gauchos would play and also the Peruvian sounding music that you heard all around.”

After five years, the family moved to Chagrin Falls, Ohio. It was there that Sheridan became interested in playing music again. “I had taken classical piano since the age of five and could read Bach, but, if you put a piece of music in front of me now, I’d say, give me a week.”

Picking up the bass guitar on his own in his early teens, he began skipping school to hang out at local biker bars and coffee houses. He would sit in with older blues musicians Mr. Stress and Robert Jr. Lockwood and his bass playing developed immensely. Still in his mid-teens, Sheridan, as a member of Spontaneous Corruption, was under contract to Phillips, a Mercury Records imprint.

Cultivating his interests in rural blues, country and bluegrass, he hooked up with guitarist Tom “The Foss” Foster, who he had previously met in Cleveland’s downtown underground music scene. Recruiting vocalist Ken “The Reverend” Frak and drummer Skip Towne, the group The Eli Radish Band was born. They began writing songs, gigging at local clubs and colleges, which began a five-year association where “making music” and “party” were synonymous.

Sheridan and Towne spent weeks perfecting their mix of original country and western tunes played to a rock beat. Little did they know they were inventing a new kind of genre that would later be em-braced by groups like Poco and the Eagles. His former producer called to see if they would make an album for Capitol Records and, within weeks, they arrived in Holly-wood and the band released an album, “I Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier.”

The band went through some personnel changes and then began touring and performing concerts with The Who, The Doors, Asleep At the Wheel, Commander Cody, Mountain, Bob Segar, The Kinks and Grand Funk Railroad but a hit record eluded them. Country singer and composer David Allan Coe joined the band late one night at an Akron, Ohio, nightclub and that started a relationship that would take the band to Nashville and then later to New York to pursue a record deal for RCA.

Ten years later found him working on television soundtracks for “Fame,” “Chips,” and the 2Pac/Jim Belushi movie, “Gang Related.”

He co-founded a new group, Bandaloo Doctors, with Bonnie Bramlett and Aerosmith guitarist Jimmy Crespo. Under his management, Bramlett performed on ABC’s “Roseanne” for two seasons and he made cameo appearances as “Hank,” David Crosby’s bass player while writing music for the show.

Sheridan still keeps busier than ever co-producing “House” style re-mixes for Dilana’s hit rock music with Ibiza’s DJ Franco Munoz and will be promoting them as the Rockin’ The House Tour 2010. He is developing radio shows for former beau Nina Blackwood on Dick Clark’s United Stations Radio Network and Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s Channel 8.




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