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mysticsdream: Angelle had great energy and was very kind and helpful. I would recommend her to others needing insight

Jim: I was so impressed with my reading and her knowledge and education on relationships I have decided to use her as my guide and educator. I will be back when I promised and do all of the homework requested. Please do yourself a favor and go get yourself a reading here. You will not be disappointed.

jessica: she was very kind and gives lots of information.

Tracey: Angelle is always amazing. I am at a turning point in my life and she is helping through the rough spots. I really trust this amazing person. I can't say that about anyone that I have spoken to on other sites. She is great. I am so glad she is back and helping me heal. I will be back again and again.

Ash: Great! in one word. Definitely will come back.

Tracey: Angelle is always a blessing. Life is finally starting to turn around for the better. I will be back again and again to talk to her. Time for my meditations!!!

Michelle: The reading was great and I have spoken to her before and she was really good so I came back again and she did not disappoint me.

Tracey: I have missed Angelle so much. I am so happy and thankful that she is back and recovering well. She has helped me through so many things and I am REALLY ready for positive changes to come my families way. Amazing and helpful! |

Calisarabi: She's a fantastic psychic!! She so sweet and genuine! Her readings are so accurate that it shocks me every time and it makes me want to come back for more! Love, love, LOOOOVE her :)

ricefamily: Angelle helped to calm me down when I was having a bad day. She is wonderful and even though what she had to tell me was not completely what I wanted to hear, it was what I needed to make my life easier. She is amazing.

paul: she did absolutely amazing and I wish I had more time with her nina love this lady. she always goes above and beyond for her clients. xxx

Abylonia: She is very Kind and VERY VERY helpful! will be back for more reading forsure!!

Tracey: Great as always. Working on my meditations and time will tell

Janine: I did an update reading with Angelle. She was so definitive in her predictions. She was quick and though.. She gave me some definite things to strive for and to do. Thank you so very very much Angelle... Namaste

keeetz: She's very good! Very positive, takes free will into consideration, and is accurate. Will go again!

Brittani: I think she is great and kind and she helped me see things and thinking about things in a better way. She was right about everything with my situation and I am happy with my reading.

SameAsToday: Very fun to chat with, a ball of energy and high vibes! Very good reader, highly recommended!

Becca: Just LOVE her readings. She leaves me feeling calm with answers I need. Highly recommend! mark Excellent reading with a load of good information.

Tracey: She is great as always. So much to do and be hopeful for. She is great even though the information is not quite what I am hoping for at this time. I am working on my meditations and her kindness is keeping me positive. She is a really sweet soul that is very good at her job. Soul thank for the insight, will come back for more

Carolyn: A Very Nice Person to have a reading with and was instantly ready to help, by answering questions quickly and with clarity. I highly recommend this beautiful person, Angelle, because she is the real deal. She will leave you feeling lighter.

Tracey: She was awesome. So much information. Connected well. Just have to wait and see, change is coming!!

Deborah: thanks for the lightening update, I needed that

Regvita: Had a few readings whilst on this website with a few fortunetellers and although I had only a few minutes with her it was by far the best reading I've had. She reads quickly and accurately as well as doesn't keep the truth from you. So glad I chose her.

Robert:Thank you So Much for the reading you have given me something to look forward too and to work on you are so honest and willing to help you are a true angel.... I respect you for you taking your time with care to listen to your clients thank you so much you are an inspiration a friend and a Teacher I am humble and honored to have known you... Robert Midnite

Cristina: she's great

Shantell: Great and very personal reader!

Bonnita: Cricke., This Woman is a Cool Dudess and sharp and shiney as a Magpie.

January: Love this lady. So confident, so open, so in tune with her cards. I keep coming back

Michelle: She was wonderful she was very detailed and she was accurate in how long I have known him and the direction the relationship .she has great energy and I will following up with her again soon

January: This was the most amazing tarot reading i have had. she knows her cards well, explains the meaning and how they influence the situation. Amazing. You have to give her a try beeicky18 she was very positive and definitely gave me guidance.

judith: goood

faerieLovee: Angelle gave me a wonderful tarot reading. she is an excellent tarot tarot reader and empath. she also has great energy and is an amazing person. 5 stars :)

SameAsToday: Thank you Angelle! Very informative and very happy to have you read for me! Highly recommended to anyone! Love her!

SameAsToday: Really loved her! Great tarot reading so far, I'll return tomorrow for more!!! brad very insightful, wonderful job. will come back again and again.


Lynda22: WOW... awesome tarot reading.. Angelle was very accurate and concise about my issue. She was very connected and compassionate, with good understanding/empathy to my thoughts and emotions. And appreciate the advice. Spot on!!!

Amy Cetrulo: Angelle gave me a great tarot tarot reading. I will come back to her for more tarot readings.


Tommy: Angelle is totally awesome. She has so much insight and knowledge. I will certainly be back for a follow up.

Janine: Angelle was so on point during the tarot reading she gave me. She gave both positive and negative cautions. She was truthful and point blank. Thank you ever so much. Much luv and pure light Angellelove... Namaste

craig: Great tarot reading

angie: What a sweet and caring woman :) She connected very quickly

Robert: She was amazing very accurate, she was to the point she explained everything that need to do in my life we are lucky to have you

Robert: very very detailed

davyboii: great read vasi she is a very wise tarot reader and she tells you the truth m goes very in depth with her tarot readings and spread. the cards brought up and addressed my situation very well. recommend her

AJ: Such beautiful energy and such a positive tarot reading. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to many more.

Deborah: She is amazing ....very interesating and detailed, gave me lots to think about. she is awesome. Kind and caring and an excellent tarot reader. I will definatley be back for updates she was wonderful , good insight she connected to my situation very well I am thank ful for her insight luvu nice tarot reading

sam: she is a great tarot reader ebonyeyes1986 amazing and so easy to talk to lovely person angel Very sweet and quick. :)

judy: good

rebecca: very insightful

Intuitnerd: She is a very detailed tarot reader. That was an awesome tarot reading!!! Thank you very much!!


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