1988 ~1994

L. A. Weekly "… A great band with great songs, these guys are, well, err, great!"

Music Connection "...[the] Doctors portray genius as experience …"

Herald Examiner "...Imagine the Rolling Stones with a female lead singer, THE female lead singer …"

Los Angeles Times "...attracting a growing following [with their] deft and extremely loud mixture of hard rock, pop, and blues . . . [Bonnie] is afforded a non-stop opportunity to wail, and she's lost none of her R&B lung power."

Todd Everett "...[Bonnie] looks wonderful, her earthy pipes are in great shape, and the Doctors are definitely "IN".

The group’s first photo shoot was done for Rolling Stone Magazine. Left to Right are Danny Sheridan; first drummer Gordy Gale; Bonnie Bramlett; Jonah Koslen and a Jimmy Crespo “stand-in”. Jimmy was on tour with Billy Squire at this moment in time, so the guys found a suitable substitute and never told the magazine!

In a further irony, the band and the photographer’s crew were run out of the motel behind them by a watchman brandishing a machete. Later, when the seedy motel was torn down, Universal Studios bought the neon sign and it hangs on their “Rock Walk” today.

Preparing for their first concert tour, the group was offered a series of incognito “woodshed” rehearsals at a famous Sunset Strip rock club. On April 16 2010, promoter Len Fagan told the press:

"From 1987 through 2001, I was the Booking Director at the Coconut Teaszer nightclub, on the famous Sunset Strip. During that time, we had literally thousands of bands perform there. Many "names" from the 70's & 80's, like Willy Deville, Stray Cats, etc., to new up and comers like Weezer, Gin Blossoms, etc. But whenever someone asks me "Who was the greatest band that ever played at the Teaszer?", I always respond saying, "Bandaloo Doctors!!!"

We were fortunate to host them every week for several months, and became so enamored with them that we even allowed them to rehearse in the club, weekday afternoons. There was no weak link in this band. The four musicians in the band, Jimmy Crespo (lead guitar, songwriting), Danny Sheridan (bass guitar, vocals, songwriting) Kevin Valentine (drums) and Jonah Koslen (rhythm guitar, vocals and songwriting) were as good and well-rehearsed as a band could possibly be! And out front, leading them on, was singer/songwriter, Bonnie Bramlett (who, in my opinion is one of the greatest female vocalists EVER!). The power and emotion the band exuded was so great, that our daytime staff were often compelled to come out of our offices during their rehearsals, just to listen to them up close. One of our bookers even started crying once during such a scenario, because she was so moved by their emoting!"




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